Uniform & Complete Expected Attire

“Let us buy atleast one product of khadi fabric and help light a lamp of Diwali in the homes of the poor.”
- Narendra Modi

Shishuvan is proud to use Khadi as its material for regular uniform. Our uniform helps in livelihood for women associated with ‘Udyog Bharati’ in Gondal.

Apart from the regular uniform, there is sports uniform from Std I onwards and House uniform from Std VI onwards. The ISC uniform has been selected through inputs from the students.

The school uniform (dress & shoes) consists of a Khadi uniform, Shishuvan winter jacket, Shishuvan cap, black floaters/shoes, black socks, house uniform and a sports uniform.


We at Shishuvan include a Khadi curriculum to enable students to understand and appreciate the production of Khadi cloth of which their uniform is made. The aim of the curriculum is to inculcate respect for skilled labour and develop a meditative focus and attention in our students, in line with Gandhi's 'Nai Taleem' (New Education).

1. Spinning :

Level 1 : Every student has to spin 1000 metres of good quality thread on the takli, before getting to level 2, the charkha.

Level 2 : At the second level, the student spins 1000 metres of thread on the charkha.

Highlights of Our School Uniform Include


The pant and kurta are worn by boys and girls, establishing their status as a STUDENT rather than emphasising their gender and giving the girls the same sense of freedom as the boys in their ability to sit, exercise, run and climb.


The design of the uniform provides maximum coverage to the body, keeping away harsh sunlight, mosquitoes, and lending itself to rural field visits wherein children walk through grass. Over time, there develops a certain comfort with looking and feeling Indian.


To provide ease of maintenance to parents, 30% polyester was accepted as the minimal requirement to ensure colour fast cloth that is easy to wash and iron. Also, parents are advised on the detergents to be used and the process of washing and drying the uniform.

Climate Appropriate

The uniform is 70% cotton thus making it sweat absorbent and making it easy for the skin to "breathe".


The uniform celebrates the coming together of Shishuvan, Udyog Bharati, TexLab - Ahmedabad and the Textiles department of Nirmala Niketan College, Mumbai, all driven by a strong determination and working on each ones strengths and core competencies.

Quality focus

The choice of Udyog Bharati was based on its drive for quality as one of India's largest exporters of Khadi.

Supporting women's livelihood

The uniform is manufactured by a women's cooperative - “Udyog Bharati” at Gondal. The school has a unique relationship with the women who spin and weave the uniform cloth. Std V students visit Gondal every year, to meet these women, visit their homes and develop a social consciousness of how their uniform contributes to the monthly income of these economically deprived homes.

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