Shishuvan Philosophy & Values

Shishuvan believes that every learner comes with a curriculum of her/his own. In line with this ethos, our school thus has an environment that is conducive to receive ample support for learning. We believe that learning is not limited to children being learners and adults being teachers; everyone actively contributes to shaping the curriculum and participating in teaching and learning. This collaborative approach makes the school a meaningful space where students have a voice in shaping their own learning experiences.

In such a classroom, there is no hierarchy; students and teachers address each other by first names, listen to one another with equal respect, and are encouraged to experiment, innovate, make decisions, face consequences, and take responsibility for their own learning.

Shishuvan encourages the celebration of diversity and as it’s our belief that every individual has a place in this universe to express themselves, contribute, and live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Our students grow into unique individuals through the relationships they build with their teachers, peers, and the broader social, political and aesthetic environment such as classrooms, home, books, media and diverse human interactions. The teachers’ contribution to this learning process is immense. They not only facilitate academic learning but also impart the values that guide students on their life journey.


We see ourselves as a cutting-edge school that embraces both Indian cultural heritage and a global perspective. Our school consciously champions Indian cultural traditions within a modern educational environment, with excellent facilities for imparting high-quality education. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence in all their endeavours. Their enjoyment of learning enables them to view the school as the beginning of lifelong learning.

Core Indian values emphasized at our school include:

  • Emphasis on community living

  • Encouragement of sharing and taking care of resources and belongings

  • Nurturing and developing each child's multifarious talents

  • Valuing and respecting the diversity of abilities

  • Appreciation of cultural diversity

  • Respect for the environment

  • Embracing the ethic of "work as worship"


At Shishuvan, learning is facilitated through methods that are driven by the philosophy of integration. This includes regular field visits, independent research by the students and cooperative learning in groups. Subjects are taught in a cohesive manner, integrating disciplines of language, social studies, math, science, environmental studies with activities such as library research, laboratory work, art and craft, sports, music and dance to create a holistic curriculum.

The teacher guides students in their learning journey and invites experts and resource persons to share deeper insights with students on different topics.

The school also believes that every child has a right to good education and schooling. To support this, the Academic Support Unit comprises a remedial teacher and a team of counsellors who offer remedial and counselling assistance to students.

Parental involvement is extremely important in supporting the school's new age education system. Parents participate actively in maintaining high educational standards and ensuring safety through parent committee forums. Physical fitness is prioritised as an integral part of the school schedule.

Annual day, sports day, project demonstrations, educational fair, field visits, inter-house activities are important part of the curriculum and serve as forums to showcase the understanding and application of texts and concepts in the curriculum. Extracurricular clubs provide additional opportunities for students to develop their specific interests and skills in entrepreneurship, sports, art, cooking, music, dance, drama, and the application of science and technology.

Through integrated topic and concept-based teaching, along with different activities throughout the year, the school actively contributes towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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