High School

High School at Shishuvan

The High School comprises of Std IX & Std X. This is the time when the learner achieves a sense of identity. Adolescents require the courage to make their own choices and stand independently in the world. They desire respect for their strong opinions. They are impatient for gratification of their needs. Their intellectual skills are sharpened and they like being challenged as well as challenging each other.

The terminal examinations and internal projects are now patterned as per the ICSE examinations to give the students an insight into the challenges they face.

The Democracy Curriculum evolves with the setting up of the School Parliament. The High School students actively participate with the Head of Department, teachers and support staff in running the school-from making time tables to stock keeping, housekeeping to overseeing academic progress. The 9 Ministries include: Cultural Affairs, Law and Justice, Human Resource Development, Parliamentary Affairs, Environment, IT and Communications, Labour, External Affairs and Sports.

Std IX and X focus on academics with a balance of Clubs, Sports, SUPW and Personal Development.

The High School parents do recognise the importance of the peer group and ensure that they know their children’s friends. These parents learn to receive their children’s disclosures even when discomfiting with equanimity. Importantly, they learn to share and discuss their value and belief systems and listen to their children’s differing views.