The Secondary Department at Shishuvan comprises of Std VII and Std VIII.

This stage of learning caters to the pre-teen students who are in a transitional phase where neither they are fully independent nor they are dependent. They are exploring their own identities, interests and capabilities. The role of the teacher becomes crucial as the students navigate the balance between structure and freedom and help students make independent decisions while learning to take responsibility for their choices.

While the curriculum remains firmly rooted in the ICSE framework preparing students to equip the necessary skills and build a strong foundation of concepts, the same is delivered through innovative learning methodologies like Inquiry-based learning and collaborative learning. We prioritize quality learning over quantity learning. Our goal is to embrace a more enriched and expansive education approach and provide students with the opportunities to immerse themselves further into their studies and broaden their horizons beyond the confines of a conventional classroom.

This phase marks the inauguration of the student leadership that mirrors the structure of state ministry. Students start getting involved in events functioning and assist their senior ministers from High School in events. The School Sabha serves as a forum where citizens and leaders interact to discuss about opportunities and challenges.

Co-curricular activities – sports, arts, music – instrumental or vocal and dance, and life skills complement the curricular activities to ensure a holistic schedule for the students.

The school timings for Secondary are:

Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 2.55 pm
1st and 3rd Saturday from 8.30 am to 12.55 pm.

Subjects offered by the school:-



English Language, Literature in English, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics, History & Civics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Studies, Computer Studies

Music – Choice of Indian Vocal/Keyboard/Guitar OR Dance, Art & Craft, Sports, Library, Circle Time, Personal Development, Life Skills (Makerspace), Financial Literacy

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