Reading Culture

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body

Joseph Addison

The school has two airconditioned libraries – one library for students upto Std IV and the other upto Std XII (ISC).   Both libraries have the necessary ambience and the required infrastructure and furniture.   The secondary library is spread over almost 1800 sq ft area and includes an e-research section with 20 computers and a collection of around 17000 books.  The primary library is around 900 sq ft area and has a collection of over 18000 books.  The librarians conduct many activities with students to promote reading and make library a space which all students and staff look forward to visit.

The librarians plan and execute the Shishuvan Reading challenge every year where workshops, book reviews and other activities are conducted beyond the regular library visit and activities.

Each class from Jr Kg to Std IV has a class library too.  Students contribute to this section voluntarily.  This also provides them an opportunity to read books, newspapers and magazines during their break time.  Std I to IV has ‘Library with teacher’ session in their school schedule apart from ‘Library’.  In this session, the students and the teacher embark on a reading journey of a novel selected for the class.  

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