Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Clubs and Extracurricular Activities at Shishuvan

Keeping in sync with the philosophy of holistic education and global perspective, we at Shishuvan understand the need to balance academics and skill based learning. Hence, we provide a plethora of Clubs and Extracurricular Activities.

Clubs are introduced for students from Std V to X. Participation in the Clubs is based on the choice made by the students. Some of the Clubs that the students have been exposed to are Cooking Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Clay Club, Creative Club. The school premises are also offered for activities like Skating, Board games, Elocution, Creative writing etc.

These sessions not only allow the students to pursue their diverse interests and hone their skills, but also intended to offer learning opportunities outside the classroom and act as a platform for them to make choices towards specialized fields in the future.

Art Club
Clay Club
Cooking Club
Creative Club
Entrepreneurship Club
Film Club
Radio Club