Vision & Mission

Shishuvan believes that:
  1. Learning is a shared responsibility between students, teachers and parents.
  2. Learning should be meaningful, relevant, and life-long for the learner and teacher.
  3. The school should feed the child's innate curiosity, stimulate creativity and concern through actual hands-on, developmentally appropriate experience and reflection.
    All children can learn and different students may demonstrate learning in different ways.
    Based on this understanding and guided by the universal values of non-violence, tolerance and respect for the environment, Shishuvan shall strive to:
    • Promote life-long learning and prepare all students to be responsible citizens and contributing members of society.
    • Ensure the school is recognized for high scholastic, artistic and athletic achievements of its students.
    • Attract and retain highly qualified, committed and motivated teachers and support staff through rigorous in-service training.
    • Promote the understanding of cultural diversity and encourage respect for all religious and linguistic groups.
Vision statement

To be a world-class institution rooted in Indian culture that enables holistic development and empowers the students from all strata of society, along with stakeholders, deal with any global scenario.

Mission statement

Working together, optimize all resources including faculty, facilities and good governance towards developing excellence in students as well as skills to deal with changes.