Student Council & Parliament


Shishuvan believes that every learner comes with a curriculum of his/her own. The school is an environment in which the learners find support for their learning. It is not true that the child is always the learner and the adult a teacher. Even the students have the ability to make observations, communicate and derive solutions to the problems if, a conducive environment is provided.

Endorsing this ideology, the school has a very comprehensive Student Leadership Structure which is also the heart of the student voice that the school wishes to promote. The portfolio for every post in the Leadership Structure is well defined and reviewed every year with the new leaders inducted. The major responsibility of the Student representatives, Undersecretaries and Ministers is to ensure that the students get quality learning environment and the student voice is not something only in policies but, is an integral part of the school functioning.

The democratic elections and the structure of the Student Council and the School Parliament help the students understand the topics in Civics and make the curriculum relevant to them. The sessions of the Council and the Parliament help the students understand that there are differing viewpoints, solutions or perspectives in addition to their own. The skill of listening to others and accepting and respecting their points of view are valuable lessons learnt. These forums give the students opportunities to participate in making decisions along with accepting the responsibilities involved with the decisions taken.

The Student Leadership Structure is as follows:-