The Shishuvan Structure

The school is administered and its academic progress looked after by a team comprising of the Principal and Heads of Department (Pre-primary, Elementary, Primary, Middle School, Secondary and High School) supported by the management and run by qualified and professional teaching and non-teaching staff.

The school conducts annual audits and works tirelessly to enhance the learning level of each student in collaboration with the students, their parents, their peers and the home support systems. Subject departments have designated heads ensuring that the subjects are taught seamlessly through the 10 academic years after Pre-school.

The office and support staff are involved in all events and operational decisions. They have an important say in the functioning of the school.The student’s voice is ensured through different forums like School Council, House Meetings, Circle Times and feedback collected on various occasions from them.

Parent voice is ensured through various forums such as the Parent Interaction, volunteering, collaborative projects and Field visits.