Pre-School at Shishuvan

The Pre-School at Shishuvan comprises of Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG with three divisions each, called Karma, Shraddha and Dhyaan.

The Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG have two teachers each, making a teacher-student ratio 1:18. In addition, each class also has a helper.

The Pre-School provides the children with experiences that promotes all round development. The school introduces three Indian languages-Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati in the Pre-primary.

Keeping in mind the developmental needs of early childhood, learning is facilitated by providing sensory experiences, regular field visits and bringing the external world into the classroom.

The curriculum embraces Arts, Craft, Music and movement and age-appropriate Sports activities. The counsellors and special educators support the child’s academic, emotional and social success in school.

The aim of the Pre-School is to sustain the children’s inherent curiosity and love for learning. Thus, we provide learning experiences keeping in mind the children’s individual learning styles. The school’s events-Sports Day, Fair, Annual Day and Project Day are important learning spaces for all the children to explore their talents.

We encourage parent involvement through their participation in events, festival celebrations, field visits, workshops, parent-teacher meetings and meetings with the management.