Parent Involvement

A student’s learning is optimized by a strong home-school partnership. Hence parents’ participation forms a significant component in the Shishuvan curriculum. The school organises workshops for parents in relation to child development, pedagogy, career options and forms of parent support to enhance the learning in their children. Hence it is mandatory that both parents:

a) Attend all events where parents’ are invited to experience students’ learning.

b) Attend parent-teacher meets to understand the areas where the student is doing well and the areas of concern. Parents should be a part of framing an action plan for improvement in areas of concern.

c) Attend preparatory meetings to express appreciation and concerns and be a part of contemplating suggestions which will help to further improve the quality of education offered by the school

d) Volunteer for field visits and help in events like annual day and sports day.

e) Attend workshops organized for parent education.

f) Nominate themselves for being a part of the parent committees and become an active member committed to ensure quality standards in every area of the school functioning.

For any concerns / queries, the parents’ should address it to the respective Head of the Department by writing a note in the child’s diary / sending an email on the department email address. For meeting the Principal, the same procedure is to be followed.

Parents of Std I to Std X are members of Parent Teacher Association.

The parent committees are:-

Standing Committees - Transport Committee, Executive Committee and Child & Women Protection Committee.

Non-Standing Committee - Sports Committee & Learning Resource Committee.