Life Skills Curriculum

Life Skills Curriculum

Shishuvan believes that students need to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong. Before they step out of the school they need to be self reliant and most importantly, have the ability to stand up for themselves as well as others in need. Hence the school has an elaborate life skills curriculum across all classes. The curriculum helps students to imbibe values like dignity of labour, respect for all, empathy, patience, team work.

From the primary years, the students are encouraged to express themselves through forums like the circle time. Through group activities, interaction with community and resource people and educational field visits, communication skills are groomed.

The SUPW (Socially Useful and Productive Work) classes begin from Std V. Students go through 18 modules like cleaning, teaching English to support staff, candle making, stitching, cooking, gardening, paper work, best out of waste.

The Khadi Curriculum which starts from Takli is the important aspect of the Life Skill Development curriculum in which the students are engaged from Std IV to Std X. Students begin with learning takli, charkha and then operating the loom.