Job Opportunities in Shishuvan

“A good teacher does not teach facts. He or She teaches enthusiasm, open-mindedness and values.” – Gian-Carlo Rota.

Shishuvan is a reputed ICSE school and has received accolades for its innovative teaching and life skills curriculum. The school provides a democratic work culture and ample growth opportunities.

So, if you:
- love working with children,
- love learning new aspects while working,
- are eager to take on challenges,
- believe that school education is beyond providing bookish knowledge, are eager to be on a journey of self-exploration, creativity and innovation, hold a B.Ed. degree along with a graduation/ post graduation degree from a recognized university, have expertise in the subject content,
please click on the link given below to apply online.

Teaching Staff

  • Vacancy for Music Teacher for Pre – Primary & Elementary Class

    Qualification required - A bachelor's degree in music education or a related field from an accredited college or university is necessary. Coursework may include basic educational classes on classroom management and childhood development, as well as music-specific classes. Experience - Fresher’s can also apply. Job Responsibilities - Organizational skills: * Maintain and keep track of student records as well as teach various harmonies, songs, and programs to an entire school. Interpersonal skills: * Relate well to students, parents, and staff members when giving group or individual lessons, holding school rehearsals. Musical proficiency: * Demonstrate knowledge of music curriculum and implement it. * Integrate Music and other Subjects. * Familiarize the students with the basic concepts of music such as notes, tempo, beats, dynamics, scales, rhythm, etc. *Introduce a variety of Instruments and also incorporate Instruments and movements in class. * Identify when a student plays an instrument off-beat or off track and help him/her correct it * Acquaint the students with different music genres such as jazz, classical, techno, pop, folk, etc. * Share music and musical knowledge to a specific age group. * Work with students on plays, concerts, and other events that include music. Patience and insight: * Teach different types of learners to further their knowledge and skills. Leadership skills: * Keeping attention of students in a band, orchestra, or classroom. *Managing students in the class.

  • Educator

    * Leave Vacancy for Gujarati Teacher * Leave vacancy for Science Teacher

  • Apply for non teaching positions if you

    - have experience of administrative work. . - are eager to learn something new or take on challenges. - have good command over English (verbal and written communication). - have computer proficiency and possess good interpersonal skills.